Why Does “Just Energy” Need To See My Bill?

Today Sweety and I had two people come to our door from Just Energy. They came several hours apart and the first time I was the one that answered the door.

I thought it was a bit strange that they were asking to see my energy bill to find out if I had “rate protection”. This probably wouldn’t be strange if our energy provider was Just Energy and we had been told they were coming. Unfortunately for Just Energy, our provider has always been Direct Energy.

Of course, this was better than the last time we had someone from Just Energy come by. Then they were trying to convince us that they worked for the government and were checking to make sure we were paying the lowest rate we available.

Needless to say Sweety is not a fan of Just Energy and tends to slam the door in their faces.

Have any of you ever dealt with door to door salespeople trying to switch over your service providers? Do they let you know that’s what they’re trying to do? How do you deal with them?



I had been planning on getting Sweety a cat for his birthday and on Friday I went to the SPCA and Alberta Animal Services to look at cats while Sweety was getting a transfusion of red cells. Unfortunately, I cannot go to those places without wanting to bring home all of the cats.

Therefore, when I went to look at cats at AAS and I was told about a pair of senior cats that were free to a good home, I immediately called up everyone and told them we were getting cats.

For everyone who knows about adopting animals and is shaking their head at how quickly I decided, this is not my first time adopting and we did check to make sure that they would fit into our household with minimal stress to them.

When I brought Sweety to AAS to see if the cats would like us, we fell even more in love and decided that we couldn’t leave without them.

As I’ve adopted cats before, I was expecting a few “problems” while the cats get use to us and their new surroundings. Based on what we had been told, I was expecting urination problems; the cats hiding under the bed and not coming out; and other problems with the cats acting out.

I was completely wrong.

Both cats have settled in with no problems. The worst was that Zoe (who I like to call Ms Zoe because she is a prim and proper cat) had a hairball yesterday.

We took them home on Friday afternoon and by Friday evening, they had claimed their spots on the floor and their person. For those who are interested, Zade has claimed me and Ms Zoe has claimed Sweety. And by claim I mean that the cats are following us everywhere including the bathroom.

I almost feel as if Zade and Ms Zoe were always a part of our household because they are so comfortable with us. The pictures below are from when Sweety was playing with the cats and when each of them were cuddling with me in bed.

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Sweety Takes Charge

Sweety has decided that since we have come back home, he will take over the kitchen and finances. I’m thinking that he’s feeling rather useless because he can’t go back to work for another year.

He even went so far as to hide the grocery list from me the other day so that I wouldn’t make any changes to it. I was allowed to push the cart though.

I will admit that I’m rather uncomfortable with the finance thing. But that’s because I’ve been responsible for paying the bills since we’ve moved here in December. Add that to the fact that Sweety rarely has the energy to get up and down the stairs let alone run around town paying bills.

But, regardless of how uncomfortable I am with putting this in practice, I am very happy with what it means. I’m glad that Sweety is feeling better, even if his red cells haven’t bounced back yet. Hopefully him taking charge is the beginning of him getting back to normal.

Still Kicking

It’s been over a month since my last post but I am still around. Unfortunately my plan to schedule posts when I had internet access went south. When I was able to get internet access, I had more important things to do such as keep contact with family and pay bills.

At the moment, we are now back in Red Deer because Sweety’s doctor has allowed me to take him home. We are very thankful that we can live at home again but even more grateful that Sweety’s family surprised us with furniture for our homecoming.

It’s rather strange to look around and see furniture especially because we lived here for months with our only furniture being an air mattress. But, I suppose that’s what happens when you move across the country and get a life threatening illness.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start posting regularly again but with the way things have been lately, I’m not going to make any promises. I’m also not going to make any promises on post length for the same reason.

At the moment, I am going to leave off so that Sweety and I can cuddle on our “new” couch.

I Feel Like Crying

Today I feel like crying. I feel like I am the only one who actually cares about Sweety and, because of this, I feel frustrated. There are multiple reasons why I feel like this and I will attempt to explain it.

Earlier today Sweety got a call from his mom just as he was stepping into the bathroom. He told his mom that he would call her back when he was done but she ignored him and tried to keep him on the phone. This in itself baffles me as he told her that he couldn’t speak right then but he would call her when he could.

Then, I received a text from her which asked me if Sweety’s uncle was there yet. I asked Sweety why he didn’t tell me his uncle was visiting and he was confused. So I replied to the text asking what she was talking about and that we weren’t told anyone was coming over so we weren’t prepared for it. The reply I got was hostile in nature and laid the blame on Sweety for not telling her that we didn’t want visitors. When I asked her if specifically told Sweety that someone was coming to visit, she replied saying that she couldn’t talk because she was working.

I wish I could say that I was surprised with that texting conversation but it is typical of Sweety’s mother. Unfortunately, Sweety’s family tends to think of themselves first and others last. This can be seen in the fact that his father spends all of his money on alcohol and then proceeds to ask family members for money. The fact that, despite being told that Sweety has no immune system and shouldn’t be around children, his sister brought her 1-year old to visit. The fact that his mother assumes we are on her schedule by telling us when she is visiting and then showing up several hours late.

The way I was raised was for families to lift each other up rather than to be tossed aside when convenient. And, as Sweety’s family is our only possible support system on this side of the country, I feel very much alone. I call my parents every few days and speak to my sister every so often. Even my nephews who aren’t in school yet are a better support system than Sweety’s family.

I know that I really have no room to complain because at least I have my family to support me emotionally. But, at times like this, I really need someone to hold me while I cry. Unfortunately, the only one who can do that is Sweety and I don’t want to add anything to his already large load.

Play Fights and Romance

As much as I love Sweety there are times when I can’t stand the man. There are times when we argue so much that it is ridiculous. The arguments aren’t about anything serious, in fact, the arguments are usually about something quite silly. In fact our last argument was about whether a bird’s shadow would swim or fly through the ocean. The problem is that we are both so stubborn that there is never a winner.

Normally our fights end rather pleasantly because neither of us really get involved in our side of the argument. Unfortunately Sweety’s red cells are still low and he is still rashed up from the chemo so our arguments usually just end up with us forgetting our rather than slipping into romance.

I’m not really complaining because I know Sweety needs to get better and not worry about this. But I’m really beginning to miss the romance from our relationship. I understand that he doesn’t want to do anything because he thinks he’s gross (which I really don’t agree with). But I still miss kissing him. And regardless of how my clumsiness and his CVC don’t work together, I still miss cuddling with Sweety while watching Doctor Who.

I know it’s rather strange that my mind goes from silly arguments to romance but there is very little about Sweety and I that is normal. Our entire courtship was filled with strange jokes and weird arguments.

But right now I’m not sure what to do. Our normal romance is out of the question until Sweety gets better but both of us miss the closeness. I guess the only thing that we can do is what we’ve been doing. I just wish that Sweety’s body would cooperate and get better.

No One Wants To Talk To Me

As much as I am grateful for all of the help that Sweety and I are getting from the government in terms of finances, I am frustrated with how difficult the last week has been.

Sweety gets disability from the government because of his transplant. This is great because the disability allows us to pay our rent and a few of our bills while still letting me be Sweety’s 24 hour caregiver. Unfortunately I am not from the area and moved here when Sweety got sick so I am unable to get any financial aid. Therefore, all of our financial aid is under Sweety’s name.

Over the last week, we  found out that the government switched Sweety’s file from one city to another. We also found out that the files were sent incomplete and that we need to resend everything.

While this doesn’t seem like a lot to do, I am unable to do any of it. Because everything is under Sweety’s name, they only want to speak with Sweety. This wouldn’t be a bad thing except that Sweety has been having a bad week and this is just extra stress for him.

I just wish that they would speak with me. It’s not like Sweety hasn’t given them oral and written permission to speak with me because we made sure that it was there in the files from the very beginning. Though, they may have lost that when they misplaced all the files in the switch-over.

Anyone have to go through this before? Do you have any tips for dealing with the Government?