I Feel Like Crying

Today I feel like crying. I feel like I am the only one who actually cares about Sweety and, because of this, I feel frustrated. There are multiple reasons why I feel like this and I will attempt to explain it. Earlier today Sweety got a call from his mom just as he was stepping […]

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No One Wants To Talk To Me

As much as I am grateful for all of the help that Sweety and I are getting from the government in terms of finances, I am frustrated with how difficult the last week has been. Sweety gets disability from the government because of his transplant. This is great because the disability allows us to pay […]

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The Wonder Of Scandishakes

I know the title of this post seems weird. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Scandishakes, you are seriously missing out. They are the weight gain wonder drink. Sweety loves them and it is the only high calorie drink that I can get into him without a fight. We first heard of Scandishakes through my […]

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I Hate Feeling Sick

Yesterday I didn’t post because I felt sick. Normally I feel slightly sick if I haven’t eaten but yesterday was the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, Sweety also felt sick so we are unsure if it was just that the food we had eaten the day before was not agreeing with us or if we […]

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When Family Visits

Today we had a visit from Sweety’s Aunt, Cousin, Sister and Nephew. It was a great visit and the took us out to eat at Denny’s which was fun. This was the first time I had met Aunt and Cousin so I was a bit timid at first. Luckily they are wonderful people so the […]

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When the Bad Outnumber the Good

Lately I’ve felt like the bad days have been outnumbering the good days at least 4:1. And I’m really getting discouraged. So this post is going to be short because I need some cuddle time with Sweety and a chocolate bar. I hope that everyone else is having a good day because I wouldn’t wish […]

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The Man-Purse

After Sweety got his CVC put in, he was given a CVC repair kit. This kit has clamps, bandages and other items which will help in case something happens to Sweety’s CVC. For those who don’t know how important a CVC Repair Kit is, let me explain. The CVC is basically a tube that goes […]

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