I had been planning on getting Sweety a cat for his birthday and on Friday I went to the SPCA and Alberta Animal Services to look at cats while Sweety was getting a transfusion of red cells. Unfortunately, I cannot go to those places without wanting to bring home all of the cats. Therefore, when […]

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We Have Furniture!

For those of you who don’t know, Sweety and I moved to our house in Alberta a few days before he got seriously ill. In fact, he was only able to work half a shift before he had to book an appointment with his doctor. This meant that we didn’t have any real furniture in […]

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My Birthday Present to Me!

Sweety kept trying to order me an edible arrangement because I have an unhealthy obsession with them. (I blame it on the fact that I come from a small town that didn’t give me access to the gloriousness of edible arrangements.) Luckily I talked him out of it because we cannot afford what he was […]

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