I had been planning on getting Sweety a cat for his birthday and on Friday I went to the SPCA and Alberta Animal Services to look at cats while Sweety was getting a transfusion of red cells. Unfortunately, I cannot go to those places without wanting to bring home all of the cats.

Therefore, when I went to look at cats at AAS and I was told about a pair of senior cats that were free to a good home, I immediately called up everyone and told them we were getting cats.

For everyone who knows about adopting animals and is shaking their head at how quickly I decided, this is not my first time adopting and we did check to make sure that they would fit into our household with minimal stress to them.

When I brought Sweety to AAS to see if the cats would like us, we fell even more in love and decided that we couldn’t leave without them.

As I’ve adopted cats before, I was expecting a few “problems” while the cats get use to us and their new surroundings. Based on what we had been told, I was expecting urination problems; the cats hiding under the bed and not coming out; and other problems with the cats acting out.

I was completely wrong.

Both cats have settled in with no problems. The worst was that Zoe (who I like to call Ms Zoe because she is a prim and proper cat) had a hairball yesterday.

We took them home on Friday afternoon and by Friday evening, they had claimed their spots on the floor and their person. For those who are interested, Zade has claimed me and Ms Zoe has claimed Sweety. And by claim I mean that the cats are following us everywhere including the bathroom.

I almost feel as if Zade and Ms Zoe were always a part of our household because they are so comfortable with us. The pictures below are from when Sweety was playing with the cats and when each of them were cuddling with me in bed.

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We Have Furniture!

For those of you who don’t know, Sweety and I moved to our house in Alberta a few days before he got seriously ill. In fact, he was only able to work half a shift before he had to book an appointment with his doctor. This meant that we didn’t have any real furniture in our house except for our computers and some air mattresses.

Anyone who has wondered what it’s like living without furniture for the majority of the year should not try it. Sitting on the floor gets boring after the first few days when you realize that you can’t even afford to go out for a cup of coffee.

To give you an example of what our house looked like, here are pictures of some of the rooms. The haven’t changed much since January except that there are now two desks in the living room.

 As you can see, the house looks empty. And, to be honest, it is a rather empty place. It is also a very lonely place when you are here by yourself which has happened multiple times when Sweety was in the hospital.

Luckily, we no longer have to deal with an incredibly empty space as Sweety bought us some furniture for my birthday. Of course, some of the money came from our parents and the desks were on clearance for just under half-price, but it was still a wonderful birthday present.

As you can see from these pictures (please excuse the mess) the living room no longer feels empty. The desks and chairs also mean that Sweety and I don’t have to worry about our legs cramping up during gaming sessions. It also means that I can sit and write for hours on end without my feet falling asleep. 🙂

We still need a lot of furniture but we will eventually get it either through saving up money or from family and friends giving us used furniture (which I prefer because it has character 😉 ).

I’m thinking we should save up for a kitchen table or a bookshelf next. What do you think? Is there a piece of furniture that you would recommend we save up for?

My Birthday Present to Me!

My birthday present to myself is a very pretty rosary to replace the one I no longer have. :) It's so pretty!

My birthday present to myself is a very pretty rosary to replace the one I no longer have. 🙂 It’s so pretty!

Sweety kept trying to order me an edible arrangement because I have an unhealthy obsession with them. (I blame it on the fact that I come from a small town that didn’t give me access to the gloriousness of edible arrangements.)

Luckily I talked him out of it because we cannot afford what he was looking at getting. Instead I talked him into a rosary because I really miss my old one.

I actually had one that I made but I lent it to a friend who needed it and I forgot to get it back before we moved.

I think that was why I started having sleeping troubles again. I use to say the rosary before bed as a way to calm me down and when I would wake up in the middle of the night I could feel the beads and automatically start-up the prayers again. It’s something that is soothing to me even though I’m not a catholic (I’m non-denominational if you’re wondering).

Now that I have my pretty new rosary, I am looking forward to going to bed tonight just so I can use it.