The Furniture Fairies

Last week Sweety’s family really came though for us. Sweety’s mother is moving in with her boyfriend and they are giving us their extra furniture so that they don’t have to put it in storage. While it is kind of a selfish reason for giving us the furniture, I am not going to say no because the extent of our furniture was two computer desks, two folding chairs and an air mattress.

Sweety’s younger sisters have also helped by giving him furniture for his birthday and helping us move the furniture in.

I still have to put together the end tables, but here are a few pictures of the rest of the furniture. For information about the cat on the bed please wait until tomorrow’s post.


We Have Furniture!

For those of you who don’t know, Sweety and I moved to our house in Alberta a few days before he got seriously ill. In fact, he was only able to work half a shift before he had to book an appointment with his doctor. This meant that we didn’t have any real furniture in our house except for our computers and some air mattresses.

Anyone who has wondered what it’s like living without furniture for the majority of the year should not try it. Sitting on the floor gets boring after the first few days when you realize that you can’t even afford to go out for a cup of coffee.

To give you an example of what our house looked like, here are pictures of some of the rooms. The haven’t changed much since January except that there are now two desks in the living room.

 As you can see, the house looks empty. And, to be honest, it is a rather empty place. It is also a very lonely place when you are here by yourself which has happened multiple times when Sweety was in the hospital.

Luckily, we no longer have to deal with an incredibly empty space as Sweety bought us some furniture for my birthday. Of course, some of the money came from our parents and the desks were on clearance for just under half-price, but it was still a wonderful birthday present.

As you can see from these pictures (please excuse the mess) the living room no longer feels empty. The desks and chairs also mean that Sweety and I don’t have to worry about our legs cramping up during gaming sessions. It also means that I can sit and write for hours on end without my feet falling asleep. 🙂

We still need a lot of furniture but we will eventually get it either through saving up money or from family and friends giving us used furniture (which I prefer because it has character 😉 ).

I’m thinking we should save up for a kitchen table or a bookshelf next. What do you think? Is there a piece of furniture that you would recommend we save up for?