Folding Bags

Folding plastic bags to save space

Folding plastic bags to save space

Today my OCD was getting the best of me in a strange way. I was panicking over the state of all the plastic bags we have collected in the house. We don’t have a bag holder and Sweety was just tossing the loose bags under the sink. Not only were the bags taking up a lot of space but I couldn’t justify tossing them because we use them for garbage bags.

Then, as I was going through Pinterest, I found a link to this wonderful blog post.

I brought out all the plastic bags we have and started folding them. I wish I could say that Sweety was surprised at me doing something so strange, but he has grown use to my weird tendencies (such as having twenty plus categories in my recipe book).

I would recommend folding your plastic bags if you want to save space because it works extremely well. Folding the bags also allows you to check for holes and toss the bad bags.


Irritatingly Dirty

Growing up I always remember my mother apologizing to guests for how messy our house was. The house could have looked better than a copy of Homes and Gardens but she would still apologize.

Eventually I learned that there was no such thing as too clean. I learned that messes are horrible and should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Dirt was something to be avoided at all costs.

This shows itself most when I do the dishes. I have been known to lecture people for not cleaning their dishes before putting them in the sink to be washed.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand this all encompassing need to have everything be super clean. When I ask them to scrape off their plates before putting them in the sink to soak, they look at me as if I’m telling them to throw the plate out the window. When I panic over things being put in the wrong place, I’m told to calm down because it’s not the end of the world.

The only problem with that is that to me, it is something to panic over. They may not have a problem tossing their dishes in the sink with food still on them but they also aren’t the ones who end up washing the dishes. When they put things in the wrong place, they aren’t the ones who need to find it later.

I admit that I do overreact to small things regarding cleanliness in my house. But I don’t take it outside of my house. So, honestly, is it really that bad that I want my house to be clean?