Folding Bags

Today my OCD was getting the best of me in a strange way. I was panicking over the state of all the plastic bags we have collected in the house. We don’t have a bag holder and Sweety was just tossing the loose bags under the sink. Not only were the bags taking up a […]

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I’m Not A Touchy-Feely Person

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like being touched by people I don’t know or trust. For me a simple handshake can set my tension level high for the rest of the day. I have even been known to have violent reactions when people get too close without warning. And I am perfectly […]

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My Car Is Registered

In order for me to register my car I needed to get the inspection done. Unfortunately my car was not able to pass inspection because it had several parts that needed replacing (one of which was a brake cable and I hear that those are kind of important).┬áTo add to this, the parts are rather […]

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We Have Furniture!

For those of you who don’t know, Sweety and I moved to our house in Alberta a few days before he got seriously ill. In fact, he was only able to work half a shift before he had to book an appointment with his doctor. This meant that we didn’t have any real furniture in […]

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When I was a child, Mom taught me yoga. I remember that she had this old book from the 70’s that had pictures of different yoga postures. We had a foam mat that Mom would place on the ground for us to use and we would do simple poses. Then, when I was in elementary […]

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The Wonder Of Scandishakes

I know the title of this post seems weird. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Scandishakes, you are seriously missing out. They are the weight gain wonder drink. Sweety loves them and it is the only high calorie drink that I can get into him without a fight. We first heard of Scandishakes through my […]

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I Hate Feeling Sick

Yesterday I didn’t post because I felt sick. Normally I feel slightly sick if I haven’t eaten but yesterday was the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, Sweety also felt sick so we are unsure if it was just that the food we had eaten the day before was not agreeing with us or if we […]

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When Family Visits

Today we had a visit from Sweety’s Aunt, Cousin, Sister and Nephew. It was a great visit and the took us out to eat at Denny’s which was fun. This was the first time I had met Aunt and Cousin so I was a bit timid at first. Luckily they are wonderful people so the […]

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I Hate Other Drivers

Driving from Calgary to Red Deer on Friday I was able to see a lot of horrible drivers. I am going to try to list some of the offenses here along with my opinion of them. Tailgating Thomas There was a long line of RVs and slower vehicles. As I was catching up to them […]

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Why The Internet Sucks!

I’m not talking about all internet. In fact, in Red Deer, Sweety and I have very good internet access. Unfortunately, the opposite is true in Calgary. In case anyone was wondering why I didn’t post yesterday, our internet in Calgary suffered technical difficulties. As we will be moving back to Red Deer in about a […]

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