Why Does “Just Energy” Need To See My Bill?

Today Sweety and I had two people come to our door from Just Energy. They came several hours apart and the first time I was the one that answered the door.

I thought it was a bit strange that they were asking to see my energy bill to find out if I had “rate protection”. This probably wouldn’t be strange if our energy provider was Just Energy and we had been told they were coming. Unfortunately for Just Energy, our provider has always been Direct Energy.

Of course, this was better than the last time we had someone from Just Energy come by. Then they were trying to convince us that they worked for the government and were checking to make sure we were paying the lowest rate we available.

Needless to say Sweety is not a fan of Just Energy and tends to slam the door in their faces.

Have any of you ever dealt with door to door salespeople trying to switch over your service providers? Do they let you know that’s what they’re trying to do? How do you deal with them?


One thought on “Why Does “Just Energy” Need To See My Bill?

  1. I most certainly have dealt with deceptive sales tactics. Sad thing is, it’s difficult to find companies with ethics and integrity these days. I tell people I don’t share sensitive information because there is so much danger out there with people misappropriating information. Then, I thank them for their time and ask them to remove me from their call list and end the encounter.

    Just stopped by to thank you for the follow and to say how glad I am the blog ministered to you. Do let me know if there is anything I can help with spiritually.

    Pastor Sharon

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