Back to Basics

I was raised Christian. When I was a child my parents would church hop every few weeks. I have been to Catholic services, United services, Anglican services, you name a denomination and I’ve probably been to at least one service. We eventually settled at a Community Church which we still attend and love.

However, when I moved across the country, I had to leave my church.

I could still watch the videos of each week’s sermons, but watching online isn’t the same as being there. Which is why I kept looking for a local church.

And I finally found one! And it is so local that I can walk there in 30 minutes. It’s just on the other side of the river.

And the best part, they have just switched their theme to “You Belong Here”. Which was kind of nice to come into


It’s Been A Long Time

The last time I posted on this site was in 2013 just after my Sweety was allowed to return home after his transplant. In 6 weeks it will be his 3rd year anniversary from his transplant which is amazing. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point, especially since it took longer for him to recover than expected (by about 2 years).

Suffice to say, a lot has changed in that time period.

I am now working full-time (between 40-44 hours a week) as a trainer and supervisor. Sweety was allowed to return to work because he no longer requires transfusions of blood. Sweety still has appointments but they are less frequent (bi-weekly in town and quarterly in Calgary). Sweety’s sister is getting married and his mother moved out of province. Sweety and I were able to visit my family on the other side of the country. And I am finally able to start relaxing.

We are also able to get back into hanging out with friends which is a nice way to relax. Actually, it’s nice to have friends in this province. (For those who don’t know I moved here very shortly before Sweety got sick which took over all of our time and energy and left me with no local support system.)

So, now that I am able to get back to being me, I want to start blogging and writing again. I’m going to be the DM for a campaign with our friends. I am very excited and have a lot of plans for the campaign which is getting me excited to start writing again. But, with everything that has been going on (including a few incidents that I’m not at liberty to talk about as they only partially include me) I have sunk back into my anxiety and depression.

Now I am climbing back out, bloody hands clutching to the rock walls of sanity as I struggle to hold on. But I am slowly getting out and it feels empowering. So, while I still have anxiety attacks, I’m considering myself back with a vengeance… or at least back.

Why Does “Just Energy” Need To See My Bill?

Today Sweety and I had two people come to our door from Just Energy. They came several hours apart and the first time I was the one that answered the door.

I thought it was a bit strange that they were asking to see my energy bill to find out if I had “rate protection”. This probably wouldn’t be strange if our energy provider was Just Energy and we had been told they were coming. Unfortunately for Just Energy, our provider has always been Direct Energy.

Of course, this was better than the last time we had someone from Just Energy come by. Then they were trying to convince us that they worked for the government and were checking to make sure we were paying the lowest rate we available.

Needless to say Sweety is not a fan of Just Energy and tends to slam the door in their faces.

Have any of you ever dealt with door to door salespeople trying to switch over your service providers? Do they let you know that’s what they’re trying to do? How do you deal with them?

Migraines and the Inability to Block Out Light

Today I woke up with a migraine. It wasn’t the worst migraine I’ve ever had but it was a bit worse than my normal ones. The throbbing in my head was made worse by the fact that our house has blinds that do nothing to block out the light. As well, the cats decided that they needed to be very vocal today.

I was suppose to go out to brunch with Sweety, his sisters and his father but, needless to say, moving was not an option for me this morning. In fact, I don’t even feel so hot moving now and my migraine has lessened from its intensity.

I have a theory on why I had a migraine today. Part of it is due to the fact that I had a very bad “episode” last night. It was as if I couldn’t turn off my brain and all I could think about was everything that I needed to get done and how I’m doing a really bad job of taking care of Sweety.

In a way I almost feel as if I deserve my migraine. Partly because Sweety and I are just getting by and partly because there is so much more that I could be doing but I’m not.

I know that I’m doing all I can at the moment, but today is just one of those days when I can’t convince myself that that’s enough.

Kitty Cuddles

Today I spent all day cuddling with the kitties in bed. Sweety was with his father who is visiting from BC until tomorrow evening which left me free to read in bed.

There were a few times when I was left unable to turn a page because my arm was taken over by one of the cats but it was a relaxing day regardless.

I had almost forgotten what it was like to fully relax like that. Before Sweety got sick we had moved across the country. Before that I was working two jobs.

Relaxation was not really something that was a part of my vocabulary very often. Luckily I got a taste of it today and hopefully will be able to relax more in the future, especially with Sweety slowly getting better.

Folding Bags

Folding plastic bags to save space

Folding plastic bags to save space

Today my OCD was getting the best of me in a strange way. I was panicking over the state of all the plastic bags we have collected in the house. We don’t have a bag holder and Sweety was just tossing the loose bags under the sink. Not only were the bags taking up a lot of space but I couldn’t justify tossing them because we use them for garbage bags.

Then, as I was going through Pinterest, I found a link to this wonderful blog post.

I brought out all the plastic bags we have and started folding them. I wish I could say that Sweety was surprised at me doing something so strange, but he has grown use to my weird tendencies (such as having twenty plus categories in my recipe book).

I would recommend folding your plastic bags if you want to save space because it works extremely well. Folding the bags also allows you to check for holes and toss the bad bags.


I had been planning on getting Sweety a cat for his birthday and on Friday I went to the SPCA and Alberta Animal Services to look at cats while Sweety was getting a transfusion of red cells. Unfortunately, I cannot go to those places without wanting to bring home all of the cats.

Therefore, when I went to look at cats at AAS and I was told about a pair of senior cats that were free to a good home, I immediately called up everyone and told them we were getting cats.

For everyone who knows about adopting animals and is shaking their head at how quickly I decided, this is not my first time adopting and we did check to make sure that they would fit into our household with minimal stress to them.

When I brought Sweety to AAS to see if the cats would like us, we fell even more in love and decided that we couldn’t leave without them.

As I’ve adopted cats before, I was expecting a few “problems” while the cats get use to us and their new surroundings. Based on what we had been told, I was expecting urination problems; the cats hiding under the bed and not coming out; and other problems with the cats acting out.

I was completely wrong.

Both cats have settled in with no problems. The worst was that Zoe (who I like to call Ms Zoe because she is a prim and proper cat) had a hairball yesterday.

We took them home on Friday afternoon and by Friday evening, they had claimed their spots on the floor and their person. For those who are interested, Zade has claimed me and Ms Zoe has claimed Sweety. And by claim I mean that the cats are following us everywhere including the bathroom.

I almost feel as if Zade and Ms Zoe were always a part of our household because they are so comfortable with us. The pictures below are from when Sweety was playing with the cats and when each of them were cuddling with me in bed.

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